Reprogrammed - Aphra/eSnoke/Droid - small tornament winner

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Top 4 NA Champs Snoke/Aphra/BD | 26 21 7 1.0
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P11grim 15

Winner of a 9 person trilogies event.

Reprogrammed from Ncuenca’s aphra/eSnoke/Droid standard deck.

This deck is good and great in trilogies.

Game plan is to hard mulligan for BT1 and preferably 0-0-0. If you get a reprogram even better. However even without these you can draw with Aphras ability and hopefully draw what you need. Then focus Aphras die to the resource side and Snoke her for 3 resources. Once you get that off you’re unstoppable. Just play more Droids and vechiles then blow stuff up!

Remember you have so many triggers. I found it best to always resolve each trigger slowly and one by one to make sure you opponent and you know exactly what’s going on.

0 cost mitigation is like cellphone notches, the 2018 way.

Nature’s charm is not only adorable but the best card in the game (maybe). Don’t forget you can use it on your dice too if you only need to reroll one of your opponents die.

I didn’t get to play Ark Angel or Climate Disruption Array all tornament. The first one is disappointing as it’s a great card and really helps towards the end game where getting damage out early in the round is important. Climate isn’t so great with 3 character decks being king/queen/emperoux at the moment.

I faced 3 Talzin decks (2 mando/mando and a mando/vet stormtrooper) and in the finals Poe/Hondo run by an awesome 9yo Ally who went 3-0 before the final game.

This probably isn’t the best range of decks to play against to prove conclusively this is a good trilogies deck but I’m a fan and would recommend trying it out.

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Razelll 244

I don't think that Launch Deck is the top battlefield for this deck. I prefer using Imperial Academy in my Aphra deck. You can use Docking Bay to, or if you like the damage from the battle field I would suggest Petranaki Arena. The you deal yourself from Petranaki Arena does activate your abilites, and can be blocked by Bubble Shield.

P11grim 15

I would use Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 but it’s a trilogies deck. The fact that Launch Deck - Home One isn’t good is the point. We don’t claim often so it’s the least impactful battlefield. In fact I don’t think I claimed once all day!

Razelll 244

I guess I didn't look at what format it was. haha. Ya, I guess you will probably never claim. I still think Petranaki Arena would still be good in this deck tho.