Rex's Vehicles

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eckospider 213

I wanted to play Rex - Clone Captainand take full advantage of his ability to take over the Battle field. My previous version was too fast and i ended up claiming anyway. I think Rex was made to command a vehicle army. I use the based of a hero vehicles deck that already ran Command and Rogue characters.

If anyone has suggestions. please let me know. I have not tested but i want to take this to the upcoming Store Championships in the next few weeks.

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Schmitty 14

I'd consider changing Hired Gun with an Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy, and a C-3PO or two.

What's your reasoning with the one Podracer?

eckospider 213

I havent tried this deck, I like the podracer becuase of the Ambush i may be able to play 2 vehicles in on action, and i like the deck disruption, i feel that may be unexpected. that is definitely my "spicy' card lol