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Ramin-2D2 136

All-In is probably not necessary. Good choice in Battlefield. Alternatively maybe Fort Anaxes?

adran06 68

It's already been established that anything without Redeploy is a worthless upgrade in a Battle Droid deck. Also, #Separatist Landing Craft is useless so good call not including it.

Imperial Backing..... wtf? It redues the cost of SUPPORTS..... Your only support is Aftermath.

Tactical Mastery is of questionable value IMO.

On the whole, this feels like a Troll deck.

Don't think Separatist Base - Mustafar is the best of choices for Battlefield either.

JBowser 19

Training does very little good in a battle droid deck, as your opponent will just kill that droid off before you get any value out of it. As mentioned before, you really need something with redeploy.

I highly recommend Scorched Earth. This card is great for finishing games.

GenghisDon 61

Canto Bight Pistol, Separatist Landing Craft (just for fun), Lookout Post, Attrition, E-11 Blaster and Locked and Loaded. These are all things to add. Remove All In, Imperial Backing, Imperial Might, Tactical Mastery and Training. Redeploy weapons are where it's at with battle droids. Then you have to take the must worthless battlefield you can think of because you will probably never claim. Maybe Starship Graveyard - Jakku so on the off chance you get to claim, you can pull your landing craft out and play it again.

adran06 68

@GenghisDonSeparatist Landing Craft is useless with Battle Droids. They never get enough resources to use it, and it can't be used Reliably without spending 4 Actions, far too many for the benefit. Completely worthless with Battle Droids.

GenghisDon 61

@adran06, It's not about the extra droid it can provide, that's just best case. The shields and resources it provides are really useful.

dpuck1998 39

I'm really surprised by all the comments. In no way is this a serious Battle Droid deck.

adran06 68

@dpuck1998it's because it ended up on the front page :/

dpuck1998 39

@adran06 I know, disappointing, but I guess we are to blame because we keep

CushionRide 26

i just made on called clankers, its a little more serious than this lol