NSW Regionals (2nd Place) - Kylo2/Grievous

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NSW Regionals (2nd Place) - Kylo2/Grievous-upgrade 2 2 0 1.0
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Scales 631

This deck came 2nd in a pool of 50 players at the recent NSW Regional Championship (26th November, 2017)

Swiss (7 Rounds) - 6-1 Win/Loss

Round 1: eMace Windu/Padawan (Win) - Mono-colored decks (like this one) meant Kylo was always doing 2 damage. While the enemy tried to focus down Kylo, Grievous would stack upgrades like Vibroknife and Electrostaff and become unstoppable.

Cards like Clash, Isolation and The Best Defense... were invaluable against Mace's 4 sides.

Round 2: Rainbow 5 (Win) - This was the deck I was dreading; eBala-Tik, eCiena Ree, and Nightsister. Kylo's ability was effectively usless, so the plan was to brute force with Crossguard Lightsaber and Electrostaff on both characters.

In this particular game, Grievous's ability to steal redeploy weapons prevented blowout turns from my opponent. Feel Your Anger, Dug in and Deflect were the removal cards I wanted to see early.

Round 3: eQui-gon/eKanan (Win) - I built my deck solely around beating this deck. With Kylo's ability never missing and amazing rolls on both characters, Qui-Gon was defeated by round 2, when the opponent conceded. Again, Clash is amazing in this match-up, but Intimidate is devastating.

Round 4: Rainbow 5 (Loss) - My only loss to the Rainbow gang. In round 2 I was cautious and careful with my plays. My cocky attitude coming into this game was my downfall. Early Logistics from my opponent meant an X-8 Night Sniper and Holdout Blaster aswell as Backup Muscle. Nightsister's ability also proved to be a nuisance - on my dice and hers!

Round 5: eJabba/eUnkar (Win) - Another deck I played and lost against prior to the Regionals. Kylo's ability proved once more to be amazing. Spent my 's as often as I could on Electrostaffs in hopes of never having to pay for a side.

The final board state ended with 2 cards in my hand, none in my deck, Jabba (with 6 health left) rolled out with a and after his ability (with the hope of changing the to 2) - Grievous rolls out and shows 3 and +3 on Electrostaff. A lucky roll, but a very close game!

Round 6 - eQui-gon/eKanan (Win) - Very similar game to round 3. Amazing rolls by Kylo meant 6 damage was always heading to Qui-Gon.

By game end, only Grievous and Kanan were left - Ancient Lightsaber and Lightsaber Pull by my opponent kept Kanan alive for a very long time. After pitching to reroll over 8 times in the final 2 rounds, a fully-loaded Grievous (2x Vibroknife and an Electrostaff) finally managed to get 1 damage showing on a Vibroknife (Electrostaff showing +3, and the other Vibroknife showing +2 for lethal damage through s)

Round 7 - Rainbow 5 (Win) - I learnt from round 4 and came into this game a little wiser. I rarely spent s on anything other than removal and paying for . Kylo managed to hit his ability a few times, but an early Bala-Tik defeat meant inconsistent rolls without his s.

Top 8 - Rainbow 5 (2-1 Win) - Same opponent from Round 4. First game went to her - Bait and Switch, Backup Muscle and poor rolls on my side meant an easy victory for her.

Second game was close. I was able to hit Kylo's ability a few times, and Vibroknife +2 meant I could bypass Force Illusion on Bala-Tik, taking a Holdout Blaster in the process.

Third game, however, was luck. Poor rolls for my opponent meant I could take my time and set-up. An early Holdout Blaster, and later an X-8 Night Sniper, onto Grievous led into 5 for the victory!

Top 4 - eQui-gon/eKanan (2-1 Win) - This match felt like a brawl! First round went to my opponent - amazing Force Misdirection play took away 4 of my dice (showing 9!).

Second round went to me - no upgrades in the early draw for my opponent meant no Shoto Lightsaber shenanigans or Ancient Lightsaber heals. Any damage showing was mitigated with Clash and Manipulate, and any s gained were whisked away with Intimidate.

Final round was a long haul - Kanan's survivability with Shoto's and Ancient Lightsaber kept him going, but it wasn't enough against Grievous and his Electrostaffs.

Top 2 - eRey2/ePoe2 (0-2 Loss) - I cannot say much about this match. Poe's consistency was of another world! In both matches, he always rolled at least his 2 or - anything else (like his 2) was just gravy. If I removed them, Rey would naturally roll amazingly. If I used Manipulate or Clash, he would return what he lost.

Rey, on the other hand, provided damage by a thousand cuts - with both Shoto Lightsabers and her ability, every turn she would gain 2s and deal 1 damage.

In round 1, I focused Rey with little success - her shield gain (even with Intimidate) meant I was facing her with 20 health, not 11. In round 2, I focused Poe, finally defeating him (and taking a Rey's Lightsaber in the processs) only to have to face down a fully-loaded Rey with Shoto Lightsabers and a Ancient Lightsaber.

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whozeppelin224 15

Congratulations on your placing! Is there anything about the deck you'd change? Or do you feel it's pretty stout as is?

Carraminana 90

Gratz on your placing!!! Why didnt include Shoto Lightsaber and Ancient Lightsaber ??? imho are a must on every Force deck.

Scales 631

@whozeppelin224 and @Carraminana - thank you! As Carraminana suggests, if I could go back I would definitely add 2x Shoto Lightsabers - only 8 upgrades meant less consistency to draw them!

I didn't play Ancient Lightsaber because I don't have any!

Particular cards I would take out (to make room for other upgrades) would probably include Imperial HQ (which I played once in Round 1!) and Manipulate (hard removal obviously worked better, but zero costed cards were needed to allow for pay sides)

aasenb 690

If you had Ancient Lightsaber what would you change to put them in the deck? Also curious about the inclusion of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber over a second Z6 Riot Control Baton? Tech vs Throne Room?

LLLuna 13

Do you thinks that this deck or 2Poe 2Rey is better.

Husher315 23

@Scales where would you put the shoto lightsabers?

WillHope@DF 247

@Scales holy shit you dont own ancient sabers.

i was wondering why i didnt see them.

youuuuuu beast

Scales 631

@aasenb- if I had Ancient Lightsabers, I would put two in and remove a Dug in and a Manipulate - the healing effectively worked to negate what these two cards already do. But I did make this deck knowing full well I don't have Ancient Lightsabers

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber was included to make s work against my opponent - it's worked well against Quigon/Kanan decks. A 2nd Z6 would of been too expensive, especially with all the pay sides in this deck - but a quick Z6 overwrite before Kylo dies helps Grievous late game. I didn't see any Throne rooms, but it wasn't a consideration anyway.

@LLLuna- definitely R2P2 was the better deck - I went 0-2 in the final due to its consistency. If you look at the decklist written by Almo, you'll see his reasoning - the focus, survivability, and ability to mitigate small dice pools (like my 3-dice start) meant this deck was struggling from the start.

@Husher315 - if I had to put shotos in this deck, I would take out Kylo Ren's Lightsaber and the Imperial HQ - neither of these cards really shined at the event, and having even one Shoto with a Crossguard Lightsaber on Kylo early could mean 3 dmg every turn (by removing 1 shield and 2 dmg from ability)

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2237

O absolutely love that Grievous is able to be played finally. I tried this list out, only thing I swapped was one Kylo Rena saber for 2 riot batons since Kylo is the one you should be targeting first. I really like it.

Husher315 23

Thanks for the suggestion @Scales, I think I'll be doing that. Let you know how it goes.

LLLuna 13

Thanks I'm going to a regionals and these were my top 2 picks and I couldn't decide which to Bring

LLLuna 13

Also, I made I version that I think makes the deck better can you check it out and let me know what you think?

the BEAST 1104

@ScalesWhat are your thoughts on feint, Praetorian guard, force illusion? I have been using a similar deck recently and these are some cards I like in my built. I switched force illusion for sound the alarm recently, but still not sure. Congrats on your placing!

Scales 631

@the BEAST - I like the idea of Force Illusion, considering the amount of times I ran into a single base damage side with lots of modifiers. Blocking even 2 damage would be a big boon.

Praetorian Guard would ultimately get Grievous killed earlier with the guardian ability - putting any upgrades on him early meant a late-game menace with stolen upgrades too.

Feint feels pointless - it can guarantee 2 extra damage against a mono deck, but it's a dead card when Kylo dies. Aside from that, it's cost and slow play means I'm missing out on claiming or resolving a damage side.

the BEAST 1104

@ScalesFeint can also be used if you have some shoto lightsaber equipped on kylo. I wouldn't use feint just for 2 damage, as lightsaber throw guarantees 2. But if I have 2 shoto on Kylo, feinting could do 4 damage for 1 resource.

Also, is there any changes you would do after all this time? Please take a look at my version of the deck and let me know your thoughts. swdestinydb.com