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smerle 780

Update! New version here! http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/6644/rainbowchokethemeta20-2.0

Inspiration was watching Tiny Grimes play a Dooku/Jabba list with Disarm and Confiscation. I love playing the Rainbow Artillery deck, but with all the Cunning out there, ATST seemed a dead card. So wondered, hey, with all this money, why not pick apart these Jango/X decks the same way?

It's a mid-range deck. You have 29 health + 2 Endless Ranks possible. First turn, don't hesitate to Drudge Work and drop the Local Garrison, putting your foot down on resources. Then you can chip away, dropping lots of Supports that will NOT activate Jango Fett's ability. And when they do, use Confiscation and Disarm to choke them out. Remember, they will only get 1 resource a turn.

Outpost keeps them poor, but not sure if My Kind of Scum is needed to go with it. Some flex spots there. Remember, Outpost has a special. Use it with Frozen Wastes to remove good dice. They can remove your dice too, but your minions are disposable and they can't remove First Order TIE Fighters and Speeder Bike Scouts.

Appreciate your thoughts. Happy rolling!

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Peacelord 1146

I do like it even if it is a very specialised build against a particular deck....but how this fares against Vader/Jabba or Jabba/Dooku? Be interesting to see some stats!

smerle 780

No idea! I'm curious too. I imagine it functions similar to what it was before with ATSTs, in that you get good stuff out before discard and use all your gun dice to take out the problem. Roll lots of modifiers? Hit Dooku. Otherwise, Jabba. Keep that deck poor helps and crime lording a minion isn't that good for them.

And I would totally use Disarm paying one range die on a Sith Holocron if it's special was ready.

smerle 780

Ideas to replace Scum. Backup Muscle or Black Market

Peacelord 1146

Scum can go as you only have seven dice with disrupt and six of them you have to pay to get in, on top of the anti-synergy with Local Garrison. Black Market might just be too expensive to get in, even though it is so good (although the special not so good in this deck). Backup Muscle seems a good include to me.

prozz 1

actually its synergistic with local garrison. its harder to spend 1 resource as plenty of things cost 2, so you will more frequently steal something if opponent has 1 resource to start the turn with.

Book 1388

I like the idea here, but I do think there are some cards that can go.

Speeder Bike Scout is not a great card. Sure, it can hit with ranged, but the special is mediocre at best, putting you on a basically zero-sum ability in terms of advantage--sure, you get to pick the die, but you could do the same with less expensive cards. First Order TIE Fighter is just a better card.

Disarm and Confiscation feels a bit redundant. I would likely choose the latter, since you can reliably produce three resources with Drudge Work. You still have to win the game, right? And with the tourney rules being 35 min games, dragging it out while you nickel and dime them with control means you aren't pushing forward in the game. This is also true of the above card.

Seems like Power of the Dark Side is very good in this deck. With two Troopers, Datapad, this could give you some reliable damage output and reroll potential. Would play this all day over My Kind of Scum and/or Outpost.

Jetpack is amazing and, since you have Bala, I would very much suggest playing it. Again, more damage AND it gives you more die manip against melee, which is prob a bad match for this.

Deflect is a die mitigator that lets you push damage. I would play it. 100%. The top decks are comprised mostly of decks with high ranged damage output right now.

Endless Ranks is a card people value way too highly. Again, this is great in casual play, but not in a 35 min event round. 1 is fine, if you insist, but you're almost paying 1 resource for 1.25 hp on a shit character. One of my best decks is a 4 non-unique 3 trooper build and I do not bother with Ranks. It's slow, costs too much, and is low impact. A card like Dug in or something that extends the life of your characters by way of control is just better for cost-to-effect ratio.

Bala-Tik seems almost worse than Raider in this deck. You have soooo few upgrades and just a single die with him. So you get to ready him to what end? I know this deck isn't aggro, but Squad Tactics is insane. Literally, insane. It allows for so much speed within a deck like this. Raider's ability is just more relevant.

Lastly, I like the notion of putting your die into support cards, but it is just inefficient more often than not. The trick with Outpost is neat, but I think 1 does the job. As mentioned, Speeder Bike Scout is just mediocrity. I would try and have, at the very least, 10 upgrades. Remember, upgrades allow you to determine threat for your opponent. By evenly distributing them, it makes it harder for them to prioritize. Placing them on troopers or Bala, means your Sister gets more rerolls. I think DH-17 Blaster Pistol is a great little card that pairs well with the inclusion of Power of the Dark Side. Datapad is great in decks that are not leaning on damage result wins. This is not one of those decks. What are you abusing? Outpost for a 1-1 zero sum advantage--less than that likely in terms of activation if you are hitting something on their character? First Order TIE Fighter, which would imply you are wanting to push damage. F-11D Rifle, which is pretty lackluster in that they get to choose where to put the damage. It's nice in theory, but it doesn't seem to do anything remarkable for you beyond prolonging the game, wherein you should be seizing every opportunity to kill them, not durdle their dice and resources endlessly.

I hope you find my feedback helpful. Again, this is an interesting concept, but I would like to see it applicable to constructed event parameters.

smerle 780

Agree on Datapad, that was left over from when this was an ATST "Artillery" deck.

I don't like investing in any of these characters because they quickly die. That's why I focus on the redeploy, but I don't mind the 1-cost blaster. Bala and NS get focused right away, because a good player knows ER is coming (1 is probably the right number). That's why I like getting damage from supports.

And I disagree that it's a nickel and dime deck, at least not how I play it. First two rounds, sure, I'm setting up, choking resources, removing guns, but after that they hopefully have no money and my 4 characters can roll 8 damage together, better chances to do that with some supports. I can do rounds of 8-10 damage when they can't mitigate much with 0 money and I have cheap mitigation left.