Jango Phasma - Top 64 Worlds

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DrFumblesMcStupid 32

This deck is the culmination of the many Jango variations I have tried since the release of SoH. Jango has a solid die, good health, and his ability lets you ramp while building up Jango. After Phasma was brought down to 13 it made sense to pair them together with Profitable Connection to open up a ton of cool turn 1 plays.

At its core this is a simple aggro deck that wants to burst down the opponent as quick as possible. Jango's ability allows you turn 1 to play one of the high cost upgrades or two 2-cost upgraded without having to activate either character. This allows for huge damage turn 1 hopefully resulting in dead droid! It is very easy of have Jango fully loaded with 4/5+ upgrades by the end of round 2. Then Riot Shield, Bounty Hunter Mask, and Bacta Therapy provide survivability into the late game to close things out. Mandalorian Jetpack is the star upgrade in deck. When paired with Gauntlet Rockets, Vibrocutlass, or Handheld L-S1 Cannon it's special is able to a deal an impressive amount of damage.

Swiss record:

[0-1] - Lost to Reylo played by Diago Melon

[1-1] - Beat eJango, Palp, LM played by Micheal (sorry I forgot to write your last name)

[2-1] - Beat eChopper, Engineer, Engineer, AR played by Sterling Sherrell

[3-1] - Beat eMaul, Phasma, Retribution player by Zlatan Terzic

[4-1] - Beat Reylo player by Corwin Sanchez

[4-2] - Lost to Chopper Droids played by Nicolas Bouffard

[5-2] - Beat ePalp, Jabba, LM played by Jonathan Moss

[6-2] - Beat 4-LOM, Grevious, SM played by Greg Pike

Top 64: Lost [1-2] to Aphra Supports played by Paul Ragard from ABG who made it to the top 16!

Game 1 went according to plan and I was able to kill General Grievous at the start of round 2 then focus down Aphra and the SM before too many supports came down.

Game 2 was going very similar to the previous until the end of round 2. My fatal mistake was passing after a reroll by Paul before fully comprehending the board state. He was able to discard my last card in hand, a Desperate Measures, when I should have just used it the previous turn. After that Vader's Fist came down and I wasn't able to squeeze out enough damage to close the game.

Game 3 Fist came down early blew me off the board.

This was a great set of games and I was glad that they were as close as they were. Paul was undoubtedly the better player and well deserved the win!

If I were to tweak this deck for the future, I would remove 1 DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol and 1 Entangle and consider adding a Scorched Earth and Tactical Mastery/Seize the Day. Both would have been extremely helpful at adding that extra bit of damage to help close out the game.

Overall I was very happy with how the deck performed. Making top 64 was better than I expected and it was ton of fun to play. Big thanks to everyone I played and met over the weekend. This was my first Worlds event and it was a blast getting to play with some awesome new people!

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nerf_shepherd 37

Jango is one of my favorites right now so love to see a build like this. Congratulations!

Articero 868

I was so pleased to see you make day two with this deck. Great job!