LEAGUE - eKit/eBarriss

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RogueBlaster24 13

This is the best pairing I have found for Kit. Any suggestions on plots? Also, I created this based on cards I have.

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Dake 1

taking ground or fortify would both be good here.

AeroEng42 1

I love the idea of Kit/Barriss and have theory-crafted several decks but have yet to actually play test it. This is a pretty good start.

Taking Ground is a great suggestion, especially if Mean Streets gets as much abuse as early indications are it will. I also like Saber Mastery with this pair, even without Soresu Mastery. Putting a Deflecting Slash under that plot for in a pinch removal and action advantage is good, as are Twin Strike for quick unblockable damage to finish a character or Fatal Blow for a quick reach that should hopefully give you +3 damage.

Are you trying to go fast with this deck, or maybe go a little slower and be more methodical? That might change some other recommendations I have. Also, do you have It Binds All Things, either from Convergence or Awakenings, because I think that would be a good add in this deck. Best of luck!

DarthJarJar66 13

I second fortify. Another chracter pairing could be Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero or Rey - Finding The Ways and use either Bitter Rivalry and Steadfast or Solidarity. I'd love to try this deck if I had characters! Maybe I'll do a Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master version...

AeroEng42 1

If you are looking for other character pairing recommendations for Kit, have you tried the new K2S0? In theory I think he could be quite good and not have the drawback of Bitter Rivalry or Steadfast. His power action on Kit's die is pretty strong, and you get access to Sudden Impact and Seize the Day which can lead to some really strong, bursty damage plays.

MushuID 1

And how about Lightsaber Mastery