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lij_xo 251

Well, I've been working on different hero vehicles builds for months now. Hero vehicles has become my favorite format, and as I've moved to play more Trilogy games, it's easy to explore because, of course, of all the great hero vehicle cards from AtG. I've tried many builds, with Lando Calrissian - Smooth and Sophisticated, Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy, and many others, and I've got to say that this one is my personal favorite.

Firstly, we're playing with Wedge and L3, two of my favorite non-legendary characters in the game. I've seen a similar build to this with eL3 + 2 Rebel Engineers, but I prefer to have Wedge for the health and his incredibly useful PA. eL3 gives more chance of hitting that tasty double focus, but with Wedge we don't even need to worry about dice to get the dice-fixing we need.

Some choices I've made here: 1) 2x BB-8? Yes. BB-8 is one of my favorite cards in Trilogy format right now. He's pure value, with no blanks and a 50% chance of getting a focus. And on a good round, we can roll his die THREE times in one round. As for having 2x even though he's Unique? Easy: once he's a mod just pitch him to play an Arc Caster for 1 resource and then play your second copy and double your value again. I wouldn't dream of taking out a copy from this deck.

2) 2x Impulsive? This deck is powerful but can be pretty slow without the help from Attack Run. Impulsive is great and pulling tricky moves with our focus sides and avoiding the heavy mitigation game from Mill and other vehicle decks. There's nothing I love more than playing Attack Run and Impulsive in the same turn.

Final notes: generally I actually throw Wedge into the garbage chute because I need focus and resources from my characters 90% of the time. Outgun is one of this deck's most powerful cards, and can completely turn rounds around. Something I love about this deck is that people generally don't go after L3 first because she'll give you an extra mod, so it keeps your options open for Easy Pickings, Well-Connected, and Entangle.

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General Vatutin 26

How are you getting to play Theed being a slow vehicle deck? Cheers

Bminny 48

Why only 1 Triple Laser Turret? That card is ridiculous

lij_xo 251

@General Vatutin short answer: it's generally worth it to ensure I get the caster round 1 Long answer: I hardly ever play my battlefield anyway. I usually lose the roll off and even when I do win it when I'll sometimes choose to have the shields. I've tried playing with Landing Dock - Scipio but it's pretty useless. I'll never have the battlefield, really, so at least if I choose to I can ensure I have that early resource access that can be crucial.

@Bminny Yeah, this version is the version I just played at a store Trilogy tourney (went 4-1—that one loss was an insanely close match) Since then I added back a second TLT. The reasoning behind only one was the high cost curve of this deck + the decision that I really needed 2 Arc Caster since they let me play more defensively. Also I'm almost always focusing my caster and mod dice to what I want and the best Arc Caster sides are as good as the best TLT sides. Still I did end up bringing another back in just for protecting the Caster's die.