The Scarfaced Crimelord - Finalist Regional Marburg, Germany

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KlaasHerford 130

I have been working a while to make Dryden a threat in competive tournaments.

My english is not the best (-not the yellow from the egg xD), so please be forbearing.

With this deck I finally managed to stomp up the regional in Marburg, ending the swiss rounds with 4/1 entering the topcut and even reach the finals with him.

I think the scarfaced Crimelord is very underestimated. His Dices can deal with most decks and put games in his favor.

My first idea was to put him together with Wulff Yularen to get knowledge about the enemy hand, play around it and start to discard things in the midgame. This deck will be published soon, because its very fun to play and not much weaker i think.

The only Problem here was, that his Dice were controlled / removed in many rounds so he couldnt get his full potential.

This is where Retribution comes out big and into play. 1 damage for every removed charackter dice is a big advantage and the psychological effect is even better.

The second fact is with "Mudda" you can easily focus ur Chance Cube dice from blank or 1 to a 3 or fix your dryden/ "Mudda" dice to max dmg, without to do a discard.

In this combination the scarfaced Crimelord begins to shine and do easily 6-7 damage in round 1. Even without any supports or upgrades.

This deck contains very few cards you wont play and big ones if you resolve his special.

The first goal is to mulligan for a Chance Cube, Force Jump and a upgrade like Chain Sickle or Darksaber, maybe a Solar Sailer or Commando Shuttle or even Vaders Fist in this priority.

Activate in round 1+2 "Mudda" first to get your ressources off from Chance Cube for the first upgrade or make the forcejump worth it.

Then switch from round 3 the activation order to Scarface to fix with "Mudda" a charackter or upgradedice from him for max dmg.

I never fix a damage dice for a special but take the 3 damage over a special every Time. You wont rely on his special and dont have to!!!

If he rolls out a special resolve it at first!

As soon as you can get the ressources from the Chance Cube for a Commando Shuttle (for even more specials), Solar Sailer, upgrades or even Vaders Fist- play one of these from your hand!

I dont remember every game to 100%, since I was the Day before at the Regional in Düsseldorf, but try to give the most details I can.

Dont blame me, if some single facts are not exactly or maybe even wrong. :)

The first game was against L3-37 and 2x rebel engineer with armory reinforcement:

This was not easy, because he drop the shadowcaster in round 1 and put 2 upgrades on it.I know i had to focus the engineers first, because L3 would be soon the third if i dont.

With reversal on my hand i put 5 indirect back to his characters, but couldnt play upgrades anymore. Then i came out with 9 damage on his chars first round.

In the second round I managed to remove him 6 dmg on the shadowcaster dice with In The Crosshairs still being naked but kill the first engineer round 2.

Then he played the Laser Turrent and gave me 6 dmg in round 3 to "Mudda". I did special on a Force Illusion for "Mudda" and played Witch Magick on her to heal 3.

The forth round i got Vandalize to burn off his Laser Turrent and get 5 indirect in my face. I was still naked because he removed my Chance Cube Dice nearly very round and so I must play my removals to prevent the deadly damageoutput form the caster.

In round 5 I killed the second engineer and put out Backup muscle and the second force illusion for more sustain.

In round 6 I won the first matchup nearly naked killing L3-37 barly in time. Win

Round 2 Tarkin / Snoke:

This game I had to deal with Vaders Fist in Round 1 and got 14 dmg in the first round from it and power action Tarkin and Snoke. In the end i got Tarkin down on 2hp before Dryden died. "Mudda" was long gone before. Lost

Round 3 Aphra, Snoke, Droid, BR:

Here I placed 2 damage on Aphra and got a Vaders Fist in my starthand, which i could play in round 2 without any Chance Cubes. I just dont spend any ressources and took the damage (5 on "Mudda", 4 on Dryden) and put down Aphra on 4hp.

In round 2 I special into a Vaders Lightsaber and did with my dices + Fist another 8 dmg to kill Aphra and took 2 shields to outsustain BT-1 and 0-0-0.

As he removed almost every dice in round 3, I played a command shuttle and special into a Devle for a Pirat Speeder Tank. This was when my opponent realized that he cant win anymore. Soon later his gloomy thoughts came true. Win

Round 4 Qui Gon / Aayla:

In this Game my deck did go crasy and I got nearly every support and upgrade out with two Command Shuttles early and consistent specials into deadly stuff and sustain.

Qui Gon was able to deal with it with his horrible shieldings on Aayla + himself and turn many dmg dices into blanks. He got acient and obi wans lightsaber out and did reasonable damage over time on me. With Witch Magick i could prevent @ least some of it.

As I special in round 4 another commando shuttle dice into a fist, he tooks out Scarface, but died the same round from roundabout 15 damage of my supports and redeployed Darksaber. Win

Round 5 Talzin / Beckett:

This game I played versus a very good friend Jan M. from Neunkirchen, who is a really good competive player and personally one of the finest guys I have ever met. You have to search people like this with a flashlight. Not in this format, but in general. Our Community is not big in germany, but full with really good players and nice guys.

This Game was very close and I win barely in the 5th round, taking out Beckett before Talzin. Win

Semifinal against Vader /Greedo, who finished up 5/0 in the swiss:

In the first game I special into a Pirat Speeder and get the second played from my Hand with Delve, which was in my hand two. This was the only game, which i could play on my battlefield :)

In round 2 I get my Darksaber early on Dryden from the Chance Cube ressources and could activate him with it.

As I special in Round 3 into a Prized Possesion to put one of Vaders Dice on it and shoot another with Reversal right in his face, my victory was clear. Win

In Game 2 he choose his BF. Here I did resolve a special in Round 1 into a Vaders fist and in round 2 I get a Chainsickle early on Dryden so I could activate him with it.

In round 3 I faced up 14 dmg together with his Vader dices, Vaders Lightsaber and his Fist as he drop it.

The nasty Crimelord hit the ground also like Vader, who cant sustain my Damage.

In round 4 I let Greedo rest in pieces with "Mudda", Vaders Fist and the redeployed Darksaber before this round ends. Win 2-0

Final Takin /Snoke:

Here I had to pay for the good rolls and lucky specials in the round before vs Vader.

I get 15-16 dmg on the first round from Vaders fist and that deck and just cant outsustain and outdamage him anymore. I didnt know, that i could block only just dmg equal to the remaining hp on my character, which lead me in the end to a miss play. But it wasnt winable @ all i think. Lost

Game 2 was much closer and we both get Vaders Fist out (he round 2, me round 3, if I remember correctly).

After hard repartees he managed to resolve my fist dice time and time again with anger and deflect constantly against me, which was very scary and prevent me to kill Takin early on.

He also managed to hold him alive for another 2 Round, shielding him before i defeat him. Then as I try to take out snoke, he managed to play or had 2 Force Jumps on him. I died trying from his Fist @ the end and this kept me from the first place this Day. The Fist shattered me slowly into thousands pieces over time together with the fearsome Poweractions. Lost 0-2


I hope you enjoy this acticle and give this powerful character the chance he deserve!

If you want, you can give me a feedback or ask some possible questions.

A game from every swissround got filmed from us, which I will release on my destiny matchup - youtube channel (link below).

Im just recorded myself in the semifinals, where the record broke after 14 minutes because of low power and in the finals, where I get stomped. The finals are fully recorded, but doenst show the full potential of this deck.

We also recorded the Düsseldorf Regional, which I hopefully load up this week together with this ones.

--> I think you can also see here the Winner from Düsseldorf with "Cunt" Dooku/ "Mudda" and other interesting professional matchups :) Just gimme some time to cut and load them up.

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL for Destiny matchups and recorded tournaments:


This week time is rare and I wanted first to write this article, which costs me a hole night today +.+

My wife and my employer will be grateful for this xD

Enjoy this, and leave a comment below!

Special thanks to all the organisators and players, who participate his weekend.

You are my Destiny guys, right David? xD

The community here in germany is awesome and worth a travel, even from other "cunt-trees" :)

We are looking forward to see you here!!!!!

As a gamingclub named TG_Play!, we do our own destiny tournaments on 16.Feb.2019 and 15.Sept.2019 in Herford, Germany.

You can find them here []

Have a nice time with Dryden and prepare for further stuff from me :p

May the Force be with you! Long live Destiny!

7 Kommentare

quizynet 1

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to try it myself. :) Cheers, Norman

Athlor 1

looks like crazy fun :)

CushionRide 101

how does it work when everything is 3 cost and you dont get your cube?

KlaasHerford 130

Hi CushionRide, its works pretty simple:

Both of the Characters got a ressourceside on every Dice, so the probability is 3x 16,66% to roll on a ressourceside and even if u dont, u cant fix ur "Mudda"-Dice with her ability for a ress-Side here.

If the Enemy burn a Controllcard to remove this Dice, be happy because he just get 1 damage for free and put off a removal card and in most terms a ressource he cant waiste better.

In 95% he wont do it, if he isnt stupid enough to do so and u get your 3th ressource.

I hope this could helped you out, but this are things you should be able to answer yourself :)

KlaasHerford 130

In addition as I already wrote up, you could do easily 5-6 damage even if you cant play your upgrade or a card from your hand+ you do 1 damage from retribution.

And not every card is a 3 cost card. Forcejump and backup muscle are good choices to play instead.

Jsprague23 31

Hello sir, I built a trilogy legal deck derived from this deck. Can you tell me why you use Emperors throne room instead of rift valley? I feel like the removal is more clutch against a lot of opponents. Thanks -Jeremiah

KlaasHerford 130

Hi Jeremiah, thanks for the feedback. I'm happy that I could inspire you for trilogy crimelordstuff :) if you resolve a special, it can come big @ the end of a round, when a Dryden dice shows nothing you can use. I tested a lot with rift valley, but came to the point to choose emperors over rift. In many cases I wasn't able to remove an enemies dice, because they were faster after I got supports out. The other fact is, that I got my own dices removed in many matches. For 80 percent of my enemies emperors was useless, so it was the better deal for me. But emperors rotates out in trio and new standard, so it's the best choice you could made I think. But we don't get our BF much often :) Cheers, Klaas