Supreme Leader Greedo

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Playtesting videos will be available over the next few days on

I wanted to build a deck using Snoke in a three wide. My first thoughts went to rainbow, which led to Greedo and TIE Pilot

The TIE Pilot is there to roll in first and protect Greedo's damage dice. Snoke Rolls in second, hopefully with a force speed, and a focus. Greedo should be the last to roll in (under ideal circumstances), and is the target for Snoke's ability.

The deck is packed with ambush weapons and mitigation. most turns will be spent removing all of the opponents dice before you even start to roll in. It's a little slow, but thanks to the removal can live for a long time. It's definitely not a tier 1 deck, but It can hold it's own and will put your choice making skills to the test.

If you want some more in depth info on this deck, feel free to watch the testing videos in the link above. The 5 videos will be going live over the next few days. Please let me know if you have any questions, or what you would change about the deck!

During testing, I changed the following:

Version 0.2 (wanted legacies to resolve modifiers after snoke, and streetwise to reduce total deck cost)

-2 The Best Defense...

-1 Feel Your Anger

+2 Legacies

+1 Streetwise

Version 0.3 (streetwise wasn't worth it, brought back some removal)

-1 Streetwise

+1 Feel Your Anger

Version 1.0 (Bait and switch is a 100% dead card, did not use it once during testing, same for the E-11)

-2 Bait and Switch

-2 E-11 Blaster

+2 Hidden Blaster

+2 Take Flight

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