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Cryptid 98

I pulled two Zeb Orellios cards from some boosters and didn't know what to do with him. As I am still new to this game (I have only played one game to date as no one will play with me and I am unable to drive to go to the game store), I hope that this deck has some sort of potential, at least in a casual environment.

My thinking was to give Zeb all the toys to take advantage of his ability, backed up by Lobot helping to boost damage further with his special and add resources, shields, and dice manipulation with Rebellion Leader; I also pulled two of these cards, and I know people hate it so I deliberately want to use it as I love an underdog story! The rest of the cards are to continue the dice manipulation, dice result boosting, and resource building.

Any feedback, critique, or pointers for improvements are welcome. Thank you for looking at my deck!

4 Kommentare

maravitch 52

I believe that in a copetitive environment its very probable that Lobot dies turn 1. Since Rebellion Leader requires a Re Unique, you wont have a target for it. Also, cost 4 upgrades without redeploy are unplayable for competition purposes. You may swap Lobot for Yoda for a more competive-ish deck, like these: swdestinydb.com or swdestinydb.com

If your purpose is fun, i suggest you should include poe dameron's blaster and swap lobot for 1 die Poe and use honor guard.

truth123 311

why use one die when you can use a two die anakin, which if he has the full rivals set he should be able to play a more competitive deck with it being melee focused and he has the extra one health. Although Rebellion Leader is a legendary you should switch it out for the Crafted Lightsaber since it has more synergy. Teamwork should be switched out for Rey's Lightsaber or Verpine Sniper Rifle. Once done it should be more competitively viable.

maravitch 52

@truth123 sure, Rivals havent arrived yet at my country and i dont have it in my mindset. Go for Ani.

Destry210 720

No mitigation cards means you will lose all your games!! You need some removals like Easy Pickings, Entangle and Hasty Exit to name a few.