Qui Gon Finn

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Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 227

Use Finn's ability to move damage from Qui to Launch bay, until you have pooled a tonne of damage on it to exhaust and destroy. Keep Qui Alive for as long as possible.

Please ask questions and criticise away.

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Icezox 1

I think that you mean drop zone. I would put a bit more shields creations like shoto's lightsaber that would help use the power of qui gon a bit more. Moreover you have so many supports that claiming would be difficult, so maybe the camouflaged rifle would not be the best, I would chage with a A 280 or a A 180 to be able to put some more shields on qui gon and so protect a bit more and be able to put damages a bit more.

Patpatine 157

And maybe replace BB-8 with Protective mentor. that way you can defend both Finn and Qui while still putting loads of shields on the latter.