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Setzuen 445

Hi folks! I'm fresh off another local tournament win. At the time of writing this, I've won every local tournament I've attended so far (8), as well as the MK store championship. Every time I've entered, I've run a variation of this deck, so I thought I'd share my latest build with you fine blokes.

We're running eKanan / Rey / Padawan. With Kanan's resolution cheats, and Rey's action cheats, this deck runs faster than most 2 character decks. We opted for double dice Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi over double dice Rey - Force Prodigy, as his dice are slightly better, and the more dice he has, the more dice he can cheat, whereas Rey - Force Prodigy's effect is just as powerful regardless of how many dice she has.

During mulligan, we fish for Force Speed, a 2 cost upgrade or Lightsaber Pull, as well as Guard and Caution. We'll shuffle in excess upgrades that we can't afford, or control that is considerably better late game (e.g. Force Misdirection, Sound The Alarm and Noble Sacrifice).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a comment below. =)

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nickthebug7777 1236

Looking good man! Why Noble Sacrifice? I've tested it a little and that card always feel so bad to play...

davideuse 47

Hey, I used a similar deck including Jedi Instructor instead of Padawan, since it has more health and it's special action may allow to change one Kanan's or Rey's dice to a damage side... what do you think about that?

Setzuen 445

@nickthebug7777 I'm running a single copy of Noble Sacrifice for situations where I have a character on around 2 health, that's going to die that round anyway, and my opponent has a character stacked with upgrades. Chances are that character will kick out 10+ damage, which would not only kill my wounded character, but a healthy character as well. It's particularly useful in situations when my opponent has only a single character left. Sacrificing a wounded Padawan in that situation is as good as causing my opponent to skip the entire round. It's situational, yes, which is why I only run a single copy, but in that situation it's game changing. =)

@davideuse I thought long and hard about which 8 cost to use. I was leaning towards Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen, but I considered Jedi Instructor too. My reason for not including her was because she has 3 sides that you don't want her to roll. That's only a 50% success rate. Obviously you don't want her blank side. Who would turn a dice to match a blank? The other is the shield side, as no character dice match this. The last one is the ranged side. Sure, you can turn Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi's dice to match it, and sure, he can cheat it, but what about Jedi Instructor's ranged side? When do you plan to resolve that? If you resolve it by taking an action, then what's the point of resolve cheating Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi? The point is to avoid spending an action to resolve dice, and Jedi Instructor counters that strategy. I went with Padawan in the end because of her flat melee sides adding a bunch of consistency to the dice pools, as Rey and Kanan only have a single flat melee each.

stiggo 16

This is also my main deck. How are you feeling using the makashi over shoto? With the quigon meta I've oppted for the shoto's again. Also do you feel funeral pyre is worth in this?

Setzuen 445

I'm not using Makashi Training over Shoto Lightsaber, I'm using both, lol. Regardless, I do think Makashi Training is far superior to Shoto Lightsaber. It's higher damage and mitigation sides are more effective than Shoto Lightsaber's shield generation/destruction effect. Shoto Lightsaber also requires another equipped blue weapon to activate, whereas Makashi Training is independently good.

I don't like Funeral Pyre at all. It requires your characters to die, otherwise it's a dead draw. I'd sooner run Bestow, and even then I'd rather just include cards that prevent your characters from dying, instead of cards that wait for your characters to die.

Schattenriss 1

@setzuen: did you play against eKylo2/Grievous during your tournaments?

Schattenriss 1

@Setzuen this evening I had 2 Test games versus eKylo2/grievous. One win and one loss. The win was only possible, because of force misdirection being available at the right time.

I am still working on a mono blue deck that can stand eKylo2/Grievous.

Setzuen 445

@Schattenriss Not only have I beaten eKylo/Grievous, but I've beaten the superior eKylo/eFN, pre-nerfs, with an almost-identical version of this deck, multiple times. I've only faced the Grievous variant once, but I completely stomped it, and it's undeniably weaker than the FN variant that I've beaten multiple times. I'm not quite sure what went wrong in your games, but I find that match-up incredibly easy.

The only close game I've had with this version of this deck was against eJango/ePhasma, which I found was actually a harder match up than the former Cad Bane variant.

nickthebug7777 1236

@Setzuen seems like good logic I'll test it out again!

Setzuen 445

@nickthebug7777 I wouldn't recommend it with 2 character decks, as you'll likely be sacrificing a stronger character, but in this deck I can Sacrifice single dice Rey - Force Prodigy or Padawan and not miss them too much when crippling an opposing powerhouse.

nickthebug7777 1236

@Setzuen I totally agree there. I play eKanan/Padi/Padi and it works pretty well. The deck list is pretty tight right now but a single copy of Noble Sacrifice can probably be fit in.

Dave Sharona 606

No Reaping The Crystal? 1 cost Rey's Lightsaber round 1 is very very nice

Setzuen 445

@nickthebug7777 It should definitely work in that deck. Sacrifice a low health Padawan and prevent a stacked Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician hitting Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi for 12. It adds a sense of freedom, knowing that you can discard all of your control cards for rerolls, as you won't need them that round due to their major damage threat being exhausted.

@Dave Sharona I don't think it's worth including Reaping The Crystal for a single copy of Rey's Lightsaber. I have no other 3 costs in the deck, and Rey's Lightsaber isn't good enough for me to include Reaping The Crystal on the off-chance I draw both cards together. Besides, I think Destiny does what Reaping The Crystal does, but better, and with every upgrade.

GrandMasterKub 1

No binds all Things though?

Ganexus 1

Does Close Quarters Assault can be good in this kind of deck?

JoshuaR 1

I tried running this thing, and it just doesn’t seem to do enough damage. I would lose one if my characters (usually Kanan) much faster than I could take down my opponents. I wanted to like it, but I got blown up by Sabine and rainbow 5 all day long.

Setzuen 445

@JoshuaR I'm not quite sure what went wrong for you, especially against those decks, which I found to be remarkably easy match ups. The only remotely difficult match ups I've had are against Kylo2 and an eJango/ePhasma deck. Damage is never an issue for me, as I usually control it with events, and after a round or two, I begin to snowball with sheer upgrade rush.