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Book 1388

Having played this for a few weeks now on TTS against a bevvy of decks, I have slowly refined the build to be what I consider pretty stinkin' good. Not only am 17-2 with the deck, I am beating tier 1 decks consistently. My two losses were to emo kids (baby vader was dead with K2 on 2 life when I died) and Heat Of Battle Cad/Phasma ( again, Cad was the only survivor this time with 3 health).

The deck is extremely straightforward:

  1. You upgrade and/or roll out
  2. You want as much ranged as possible
  3. You mitigate incoming damage as best you can
  4. You claim so you can keep tempo and abuse things like High Ground and Dug in.


Leia is a 3 damage side character with a decent ability. She even has a focus result.

Kanan is a great support character with an extremely versatile ability that can vastly smooth out awkward rolls and allow for tempo advantage. Want to disrupt before you shoot their face off? No problem. Need a resource for that pesky 1 cost 2 damage result. Kanan's gotcha. If only you could focus one of your dice into more damage... This guy is good to have around. He may only have two damage sides, but one of them is ranged and the other hits for 2. Tag him in, coach.

(Please note there are zero specials on our characters, and only two upgrades total that tout specials. Remember: roll guns and shoot things.)


The upgrade suite is admittedly the weakest part of the deck. Still, it works. We have baby blaster and Holdout Blaster as solid options. Overkill is great option to close out the game. A280 Blaster Rifle is simply a cheap redeploy--sometimes you get shields, which is helpful. Rearm works with 6 of your upgrades, allowing for rerolls as needed and sparing you a much needed resource.

Force Illusion may at first seem strange, but the truth is we have low health. Decks that thrive on modifier sides get stymied by this card, which makes it a nice addition. Further, it can feed your Rearm at times--if you like silly interactions like that.


A lot of the events are mitigation or to provide tempo. Deflect is an old standby. It's one of three cards that gel with Kanan--the other two being Overconfidence and the sometimes insane Force Misdirection. Force Misdirection was a slow include for me, but, with time and testing, I see its value. There are many games where it is underwhelming, but when it shines, it shines bright. With only two dice, it can be tough, but in a game with dice, the stars can always align.

Our last mitigation option is High Ground. I swapped Defensive Position in for a time, but this card but serves the primary goal of the deck: chip away and stay alive. Dug in is the other reason you want to claim quickly, as it can and will extend your game. (Our battlefield is meant to allow us to pressure and claim reliably, while others are looking for specials and whatnot.)

Speaking of extending our game, Willpower is our third line of defense in the deck, reinforcing the damage doling. We need to kill one of their characters first, while making killing one of ours an annoying and tiresome task. The ability to bypass shields, especially on newly shielded foes is a definite plus.

Our last three cards are pure tempo and aggression. Hit and Run is nutty, esp with a 3 damage side character you intend to arm to the teeth. Roll out Leia, surmise your options, then act accordingly. It's very easy to use this card to push 4+ damage reliably, sniping an injured character before they can resolve a single die.

It's a Trap! is another high variance option, but similarly to the aforementioned Force Misdirection, this card can flatly win you games. It pairs well with Hit and Run, and punishes ranged opponents.

Our last card was one I was convinced would be a total letdown. I am man enough to admit, perhaps I was wrong. Fortuitous Strike is a reroll with a laser blast to the face in a deck with this many ranged results. It can easily finish a bleeding foe, at the very least providing you with a much needed reroll in the process.


This is a very good deck. When I threw it together, I considered that it was just me doing what I do: refusing to play whatever is the flavor of the day. However, with testing, it's proven to be efficient and lethal. No frills, no bells, no whistles. It just shoots people in the face.

If I were to comment on its weaknesses, I would start with the fact that we have a handful of cards that are only synergistic with one color of character. Alas, in a world full of new Kylo, mono-colored decks are no longer safe. I suppose all decks have this weakness to some degree. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning.

Lastly, claiming is crucial to this deck. You want to be fast, which means you often have to make tough calls. Maybe they have two dice left and you know they are going to reroll. Assume you have an answer in hand. It might just be better to claim, ensuring that you can make up for the damage on the back of Dug in and/or punish with Hit and Run before they can even act.

I have certainly claimed with a couple of blanks out and cards in hand I would happily pitch, but I have won each and every one of those occasions simply by deciding the pace of the game.

A few other pointers for those of you that wanna give this a spin:

  1. Don't be afraid to discard to reroll. An answer for later is usually better damage right now.

  2. Don't get too greedy with Fortuitous Strike. If you have a +3 side showing on Overkill, keep it and roll the others. I almost always reroll Leia, as you are 50% to hit a gun and more likely to hit your 2 damage sides than otherwise.

  3. Kanan's ability is very important. Being able to course correct with his non-damage sides can be useful. Being able to hit them for 2 melee right before you shoot them to death is awesome. Don't forget this opportunity. It is one of the very best tools in the deck.

  4. If they do manage to claim before you, get as much mileage out of it as possible. Upgrade away, overwriting as needed--this is the best time to play Overkill, esp over A280 Blaster Rifle or baby blaster. #rearm as needed.

Pitch cards to squeeze in rerolls to optimize every point of damage. As I stated above with my losses, they were very close. Dropping a Force Illusion after they claim is tempo you save yourself on the next turn. Willpower now rather than later. If you have Dug in, see tip #1.

There's not a lot of fancy stunts in this deck. Just get damage and kill them. This deck takes you back to basics and allows for skillful and meaningful decisions while being relatively easy to learn. Hope you all enjoy!!!

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Scactha 856

Awesome that you´ve made this tick so well (and great that Fortuitous Strike worked!). I really like that Leia gets a chance to shine again since AW.

A couple of questions:

First, the curve looks high. 20 x 1-cost cards making it seem improbable that you have a steady flow of cards going through your hand. How is that working? I´m thinking you could shift some stuff into zero cost mitigation like Heroism, Caution, Confidence, Rebel Assault, Suppression or Sound The Alarm to enable the flow.

Second, on healing, I think you are spot on since Heroes are better here. Looking at Willpower I´m thinking Inner Strength. It´s sort of a Willpower-on-a-stick. The obvious drawback the cost.

Third, no Force Speed? E.g. it looks like a double action with FS into resolving dice would be a total blowout. Imagine rolling 6 dice into 4 and then resolving those dice. That´s instakilling a full healthy char by the looks!

Again, awesome deck. I´ll be trying it out too as it looks really fun. Kudos for the work :)

Soapy 2

Do you see Legacies Luke replacing Kanan in this deck? Seems an even better fit for it.

Book 1388

@Scactha thanks. It's worth mentioning, I don't think the deck HAS to play Fortuitous Strike--it's just a tool it can use.

In terms of the cost, all of those are pretty inferior, hence them being zero cost. One could swap Sound The Alarm for Overconfidence. I was playing with Sound The Alarm before and it's fine, just not really removal. If I am spending an action to mess up their dice, I want one of the dice gone.

Force Speed is pretty underwhelming in this deck. Rend is everywhere. I have speed in Hit and Run, It's a Trap!, and Kanan.

@Soapy, I agree. This will be very very good for the deck. We lose the utility of Kanan, but gain another 50% damage character with a relevant closer ability.

raxexar 1

I'm loving this deck so far, but Force Illusion does not work with Rearm, it only works for Red upgrades. Is there some some other interaction I am not thinking of?

Book 1388

@raxexar Force Illusion can mill a red upgrade into your discard for you to get with Rearm.

Scactha 856

Yup, new Luke will be perfect. Fair enough on the control choices. Myself I don't like being constrained by the economy, but effect is a consideration too.

Foz 981

Have to agree with @Scactha here. Your choices are basically play some "inferior" zero cost cards, or alternately have a bunch of useless cards in hand that can't even be played. Inferior is relatively good compared to cards sitting in your hand that you cannot possibly pay for. Sound The Alarm is quite good at filling Overconfidence's role of disrupting god rolls. It also gives a great answer to cards like Heat Of Battle since it can target more than 2 dice, so it becomes more powerful the better your opponent's roll is - that's a great attribute for a card to have. Caution is so high quality it's basically an auto-include; turn anything Kanan rolled into a 3 result instead for Leia.

Regarding mitigation, you could consider some sleeper cards. Heroism seems underwhelming, but splitting damage onto the other character is actually decent, and it's one of the few ways heroes can deal with Vibroknife's die. I'm less sold on Rebel Assault or Suppression - I have played both in various hero decks, and honestly they're very fiddly to use. Confidence is another common way to deal with Vibroknife, though personally I would certainly play Heroism over it. I do think you will need at least one card from this list; with Dug in and Force Illusion your main line of defense is very vulnerable to Vibroknife.

Economy is another area where I feel you can do better. Rearm is by no means a bad card, but it is difficult to use on round 1 because the target has to be in the discard. Here I would say Logistics is better simply because it's more usable overall, but spot red is a concern. Honestly my top pick here is virtually unheard of for decks like this; Destiny. Your upgrades cost 1 or 2 which is easy to cover with Kanan's dice. Mechanically the card plays basically the same as turning whatever he rolled to resource symbols instead, resolving them, and spending that money on a card. I think it's more or less ideal here; easier to use (esp round 1), it can scale, and it works on any card in hand, so if you for instance need to squeeze for a clutch play you can't afford, as long as Kanan has a non-blank in pool you can trash that die to play that card.

I dislike Fortuitous Strike for one reason; math. Unless you have a really garbage roll-out, you won't have too many dice to reroll with this since most are already 50/50 ranged sides. It takes 4 such dice to average the same 2 damage that other 1-cost cards typically generate, and that seems unlikely to be the norm which would leave this underpowered compared to typical baseline for 1-costs.

Anyway, I would certainly choose Sound The Alarm over Overconfidence, and Caution probably slots in for Fortuitous Strike or maybe Willpower (which I consider the next weakest card). I'd probably slot Destiny instead of Rearm, and then you can consider a 0-cost mitigation card over Fortuitous/Willpower. If I were building it:

That should put it at about 10 0-cost and 14 1-cost if I have figured correctly, which is far more balanced and likely to make far better use out of a typical hand.

Telimtor 1

I guess upcoming Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero will fit nicely with Leia Organa - Born Leader.

Scactha 856

Post some more testing on this I find the deck good and interesting. It´s deceptively fast due to Kanans tempo ability.

I both agree and disagree with @Foz. On economy, Destiny struggles as when the control suite is changed into the more 0-cost ones as suggested, Destiny enters the area of wanting to pay for 2-cost upgrades. This works with a plethora of blue upgrades, but here it steals Kanans dice, which are important for the strategy. Rearm works quite well by e.g. overwriting a Overkill with a Holdout and the Rearming. Thus I rather prefer Rearm and Logistics.

ilpalazzo 1

What do you think about "drop zone"? Could it be an alternative to "it's a trap"? 1

Played this at my flgs last night. I had a blast with it. I did have to sub some cards in as someone was borrowing my hold out blasters. I used emp grenades, because of the meta at the store. All in all I loved this deck.