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Book 1388

I think Leia is a highly underrated card, esp. at elite. 3 damage sides, a relevant action ability, and slightly above average HP. Like with many characters, the trick is in pairing her with a complimentary partner--preferably also elite.

Kanan, in my humble opinion, feels like a blue Leia in many ways. He provides some slight speed with his ability, he has solid non-modifier non cost results on his dice--albeit only two damage sides. Further, blue helps shore up one of the deficits of red: die mitigation.

The deck is very straightforward: upgrade your characters, deal damage, and mitigate incoming onslaughts.

The deck has 8 upgrades, all ranged damage, many of which are blue modifier result-heavy. With half of Leia's dice doling out ranged, and the single ranged side on Kanan, the odds are in your favor. We have focus results on both characters, which is especially helpful on Kanan. Further, we have It's a Trap! as a blowout against rival ranged decks.

There's no real deep logic in the upgrades. A280 Blaster Rifle can help us get shields to prolong our characters' lives--another sub-strategy in the deck. DH-17 Blaster Pistol is cheap and efficient. Holdout Blaster offers speed, and is our second redeploy weapon. Overkill functions as pervasive threat in modifier form--I am still slightly on the fence with this one, if I am being honest.

Next we have our mitigation and removal suite: Confidence, Deflect, High Ground, and Overconfidence. Pretty straightforward stuff, with two of these cards sending back some pain to their face in the process.

Dug in is an auto include in a deck that is hoping to get ranged sides and claim. Willpower and Field Medic also helps us extend our life, the former capable of dealing that killshot even through pesky shields.

Our utility cards are obvious. Hit and Run and It's a Trap! give us speed and some consistency--the latter being somewhat useless in melee matches, obviously. The faster we roll out, the quicker we can claim our battlefield and stay on the front end of the tempo.

Rearm allows us to chuck upgrades to roll again and/or get deeper into our deck. And Collateral Damage is a simple flex card that can put an opponent in a bad spot when timed properly.

I'm a dozen games deep with this with a single loss and really loving just how simple and effective it is. Definitely some flex cards in Collateral Damage and Overkill, so feel free to offer feedback below.

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