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Tybrid 888

Defensive Mastermind - A Mill Deck

Welcome to another Tybrid brand deck build and guide. The history of this one is pretty simple. I was listening to Smerle talk about his own General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind build and I started trying to puzzle out how I would build something like that.

In the latest update we take some lessons from the Austrailian National championships, seeing what did and didn't work for them there, and tweak what we have here to assist in the overall game plan.

The Characters

General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind - Can't build a Rieekan mill deck without Rieekan. Just can't be done.

Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo - Solid mill character. Useful , has that nice 2 , provides a much needed face also. Also puts us into Yellow.

Jedi Instructor - More and more I'm wanting my characters to have some sort of dice fixing that comes as a part of rolling them. Instructor puts us in Blue, and has pretty good synergy with our other characters.

But Tybrid, there's only 3 dice!?!

Yes there are only three dice here. It's ok. We're going to win with our max possible dice on the field being a total of 8. This build is about gaining shields and mitigating dice, neither of those things need a bunch of dice to be accomplished.

The Battlefield

Command Center - Lothal is the new battlefield of choice. On the off chance that our opponent picks it, try to play a slightly faster game and be willing to leave some dice in the pool to keep the claim going. Most of the time however, our opponent is going to take their own field, because the shields do nothing for them in a mill match. (Even though they do a lot for us)

The Upgrades

Chance Cube - Any deck with a healthy amount of focus can make use of the Cube. It's an exceptionally good resource engine, and it can double as a fat 3 side for you to pull off C-3PO shenanigans.

Hunker Down - Good for making shields as we're a very defensively oriented deck, also has the added bonus of helping us avoid the Running Interference hard lock.

Protective Mentor - This card is just insane in a deck that generates as many shields as we do. When you play the first one, it's like giving the other 2 characters a max capacity of 6 shields instead of 3. If you play them both? Now 2 characters have 6 shields to draw from, and one character has 9.

Maz's Goggles - a solid one cost upgrade that sports both and the really cool for helping us close out the game. Solid include, solid early drop.

Scout - Another cheap and easy to play upgrade that helps us grab a card from their hand when we need to. Has that side when we need it to boot!

The Support

C-3PO - Easily the best card in Hero Red. His ability does so much in this or any deck. Often the only dice your opponent really needs to control, be careful with him.

Honor Guard - Simple but efficient removal for pesky damage sides. We wouldn't want any of our shields to get taken after all.

The Events

All Quiet On The Front - The game finisher. Cuts 6-9 cards out of the opponents deck. We have 30 health, so if losing our shields will finish off their deck, we should be ok.

Caution - Keep the shields coming, usually one of the character dice is worth the swing in shields considering what all we use them for.

Electroshock - Solid removal, and while Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo is often the first target of our opponents, we are a LOT to chew through defensively, so it's rarely turned off.

Entrenched - in a match where they are trying to kill us, this is a 10 damage swing in our favor. In a Mill on Mill match, this is 5 more cards gone from their deck with All Quiet On The Front.

Flank - We have a lot of slow little actions that let us delay rolling out. That in turn makes Flank better. Win/Win.

Friends in Low Places - Solid endgame card to assist us with clearing out their hand. Not a bad card in the mid game but I'd be sure to mulligan this card away early on.

Krayt Dragon Howl In my opinion the flex card in the deck, but the later in the game you use this, the better it becomes as removal instead of more mill.

Loth-Cat and Mouse - Generally useful removal that only takes dice to use, since we don't need dice and generally win on our events, it's even better.

6 Kommentare

hansalad 1

Thanks for the clarification of when to switch battlefields, but it appears that info is no good now! I guess if the only real reason to play Jedha was to finish out their hand, which is now better covered by Scout, then the "move" cards are no longer needed.

Can you clarify for me why you mention 8 dice in the breakdown? With 3 characters, 2 unique dice cards, and 4 non-unique dice cards, does that not make the maximum 9? Or am I missing a different detail of how the deck plays? Is it inadvisable to have both Chance Cubes in play or something?

In any case, excited to try this new build!

Soapy 2

Have you thought about running patience in this deck?

mykelen 9

I have been using a mill similar to this but with Padawan, mainly so I can use Guard for some quick removal. Have you considered using Coordination? It's pretty good all around for this grouping. Something I've learned (at least in my meta and on TTS) is that even if you lose the roll-off, your opponent may still take this battlefield and mill you when they claim because they're quicker. Just something to think about, so using Echo Base - Hoth might help you in the long run. They get worthless shields, but if you claim you get very worthwhile shields...

Tybrid 888

@Soapy I find it unneeded.

justLUKE 2

Hi, is it clarified and stated, that c3po kann chance any die to any symbol, even though the symbol is not on 1 of the sides of the dice?

@Tybrid i tried some games and the battlefield choice has always to be one, where the opponent cant make any use of it. To as @mykelensaid, Echo Base - Hothis a good choice.

I would' n play hunker down...the effect of the melee dmg dicad is just to bad. As i asked in the first version, Mandalorian Armor might be better. Chance of 4 Shields on 2 Charakter gives you more output on Protective Mentor and All Quiet On The Front. For c3po and if dice faces can be used at will, i even think of the Millennium Falcon or Diplomatic Immunity. The Millennium Falconis also helping a lot, if General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermindand Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo are down. What i also think is, that for the circumstance, that General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermindis the first target, a Second Chanceon padme might be a must (or Lone Operative instead). With c3po you can always use the 2 heal. I know you are not sold on expensive Gear, but i think it will just suit you better in most games than not.

Tybrid 888

@justLUKE Padme is almost always the first target. Hunker down is there for a lot more reasons than to generate shields. It gives you plays when you're trying to wait out your opponent so you can stay ahead on Flank, it breaks the Sabine/Ezra Running Interference lock, and it is the gold standard of shield generation against ranged based decks for 0 cost. I wouldn't pull out Hunker under any circumstances.